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By Jon Leibowitz

Posted May 29, 2021 in software fediverse

Reading time: 1 minutes.

I often see people not sure about how to get started with the Fediverse, or what I’ve started calling “the Social Cloud”.

As a system administrator accustomed to installing software I thought it’d be helpful to write some up to date guides on installing the more popular Fediverse compatible apps.

These are all different apps that can interoperate and participate in the Fediverse:

note - this is in no way meant to be an exhaustive list, but just some of the more popular tools out there. See this for some ideas how many servers are using each app:

  • Mastodon
  • Pleroma
  • Peertube
  • Write Freely
  • Misskey
  • Pixelfed
  • Funkwhale
  • Lemmy
  • Friendica

I’ll give some lightly opinionated guidance along the way, but mostly following along with the projects' own installation documentation on a cloud Linux system. Just for reference I tend to use DigitalOcean to create my servers, but this guidance can be replicated at any VPS or cloud provider. I’ll also write some packer scripts to perform the underlying installation for creating pre-baked cloud images.