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First Post

By Jon Leibowitz

Posted April 6, 2021 in Hugo

Reading time: 1 minutes.

While I’ve had a website for a while, this is probably the first entry made in a blog since back in the LiveJournal days. Right now, I’m learning how to use Hugo to create this site. I’m following this particular book to do so, “Build Websites with Hugo” by Brian P. Hogan.

The site itself is deployed to Cloudflare Pages, which at the time of writing this was in open beta, but is now in General Release. I use either Visual Studio Code or Vim to make content edits. Next thing I’d like to try out is to set up a headless CMS, perhaps by following this guide.

I’d also like to follow some of the indieweb principles here. I don’t really know a lot about theming Hugo but I’ll look into changing out this theme for one that better suits it.