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I often see people not sure about how to get started with the Fediverse, or what I’ve started calling “the Social Cloud”.

As a system administrator accustomed to installing software I thought it’d be helpful to write some up to date guides on installing the more popular Fediverse compatible apps.

Bitnami WordPress site fixes

Going to write a bit about a recent issue that I was asked to help with. The person experiencing this issue has a WordPress site on AWS Lightsail and the server had been abruptly powered off. When the server was restored, there had been an Ubuntu default apache page (“Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page”). While this server was not set up by me, I have enough working experience with cloud services (AWS Lightsail, DigitalOcean, et cetera), Linux, and WordPress to help this gentleman out.

First Post

While I’ve had a website for a while, this is probably the first entry made in a blog since back in the LiveJournal days. Right now, I’m learning how to use Hugo to create this site. I’m following this particular book to do so, “Build Websites with Hugo” by Brian P. Hogan. The site itself is deployed to Cloudflare Pages, which at the time of writing this was in open beta, but is now in General Release.